With a name like Sinestro

Sinestro was a member of the Green Lantern Corps. who, surprise surprise, eventually turned evil. The only person to predict this was Obviouslon, and then Gostopem had to go stop him. But Gostopem was defeated and with his dieing breath gave his power ring to Ryan Reynolds to get revenge and kiss a girl for him.

At least that's what I think the story is, I grew up on Marvel comics. From what little I actually do know about Sinestro he seems like a interesting enough villain, that and the costumes of anybody associated with the Green Lantern Corps. tend to be pretty awesome.

In Blackest Day
In Brightest Night
Beware Your Fears Made Into Light
Let Those Who Try To Stop Whats Right
Burn Like His Power
Sinestros Might


First Prime

I really liked the Stargate film when I was a kid. What kid could resist cross-dimensional Egyptian aliens? I've seen a couple episodes of the television show SG-1 and found it entertaining enough. What man child could resist Richard Dean Anderson?

Teal'c here is kind of like the Worf character of SG-1. I decided to depict him in the traditional Space Egyptian armor instead of the more human jumpsuit thing he usually wears. The Teal'c you see here is actually just the host body for a little worm thingy called a Goa'uld. I like the word Goa'uld quite a bit, almost as much as the word Muad'Dib.


The Mad Titan

When I was a kid for some reason I thought Thanos was the baddest dude in the Marvel universe. I don't think I ever read any comics with him in it but I'm sure his trading card made out to be trouble. He reminds me a lot of Darkseid from DC comics but with enough chutzpah to wear primary colors, also I don't really know too much about Darkseid.

Thanos was born on Saturn's moon Titan. He was basically born with an evil gene and eventually was consumed with the idea of Death. I know there was a big to do about the infinity gems and making some super gauntlet.

One of his worse moments.


Decapod Alien

The Half-Life series is arguably one of the most beloved game series. It's innovations in narrative and character development (despite the main character never speaking) have cemented it as one of the most important First Person Shooters of all time.

The headcrabs are probably the most recognizable alien from Halflife. Gross little parasitic monsters that look like plucked turkey cadavers with fingery fangs. They are able to attach themselves onto humans and turn them into a sort of zombie.

I hate the venom headcrabs, not gonna draw one of those jerks.


Don't Blame me, I voted for Kodos

I'm one of those people who used to always watch the Simpson's. Having seen each episode dozens of times. Eventually the quality of the show started to wane and it's been a few years since I've seen the show. Despite it's flaws it had some of the best laughs in television.

Kang and Kodos are aliens from the Simpsons who've appeared in every single Treehouse of Horror Halloween episodes.
Here's a great clip from when the two disguised themselves as Bob Dole and Bill Clinton in an attempt to take over the country.


Soul of the Blob

Katamari Damacy was a great little creative game when it first came out. Based on a really simple (albeit odd) idea and a quirky world.

The King of all Cosmos accidentally destroys many of the heavenly bodies in the galaxy after a night of too much drinking. He tasks his son (controlled by you) to create new stars and planets. You do this by rolling up everyday objects, starting with tiny little thumb tacks and eventually working your way up skyscrapers and whole continents.

I wish I would have had more time to do a piece more fitting for one of my favorite games. The game has an amazing soundtrack and simply oozes style. Frankly I could go on and on about the games unique Japanese charm/insanity but I think the opening will do a better job.



I was just a  bit too old to get caught up in Pokemon fever. They seemed like fun enough games but I think a big part of their draw these days is nostalgia. Being that I'm a big nerd I feel like I'm missing out to an extent, that it's too late to jump in. I'll never have that attachment to my first starter Pokemon, or be able to remember 100s of little monster's names.

To my knowledge Deoxys is the only alien Pokemon. It arrived as a virus on a meteorite and continued to change into this form. I'm fairly sure it's a powerful antagonist of some sort.