I grew up with a steady diet of old live action Disney movies. Pretty much whenever my siblings and I wound up at our grandparents we would watch one. Not sure why we usually watched the live action ones instead of the cartoons, we just watched whatever VHS my grandma put in.

This is the feline hero from "The Cat from Outer Space" with his super space collar. His alien name is Zunar-J-5/9 Doric-4-7 but you can call him Jake. His species decided to focus their evolutionary path on increasing their minds instead of growing opposable thumbs and walking upright. Not sure how they decided that but cats are pretty finicky. I watched a little bit of the movie while working on this and wasn't as charming as I remember.
I am looking forward to re-watching "Flight of the Navigator" though, that movie was awesome.



I know absolutely nothing about the tv show Farscape. My guess it's about a ragtag group who have access to some type of advanced spaceship or some other crazy technology. They then go off on adventures thwarting evil aliens and crooked space governments.

This is Chiana, my guess is she's the quite and mysterious type but has some crazy fighting ability.



Kids growing up in the 80's had plenty of anthropomorphic superheroes to choose from thanks to the immense popularity of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. There were the Street Sharks, Biker Mice from Mars, Extreme Dinosaurs, the Cy-Boars (how the hell did I miss drawing those guys during my 365 Cyborgs?) and of course the Snailiens.

I had a couple of the Snailien toys and if I can recall correctly they were a team of little alien snail men who crash landed on Earth along with some enemy aliens (the Lunarticks) in a similar situation to the Transformers. The four snailiens took their names from the pieces of coin currency, Washington, Jefferson, Roosevelt, and Lincoln. I bet if they were popular enough a female Sacagawea would have shown up at some point.


Pfhor Score

The Marathon Series was an early FPS created by Bungie. It introduced a full 'free look' system, allowing players to control the players view/aim with the mouse. Most people are unaware of Marathon and its influential gameplay due to the fact that it started life on the Mac.

Another interesting factor of Marathon was its fairly engaging narrative, involving evil aliens and computers that have lost their virtual marbles. It also has many similarities to Bungie's best known game; Halo. Many people view Halo as a kind of quasi remake or prequel/sequel to Marathon.

This is a Pfhor Enforcer, fairly deadly but if you manage to kill them you are able to use their gun.



K-Pax is about Kevin Spacey maybe being an alien. I always thought K-Pax was his name but turns out that's the name of the plant Spacey is from.

I never saw the movie but I remember him eating a banana, peel and all, in the trailer. Aliens are so crazy.



Anyone else remember growing up in a time when you could rent a videogame with your allowance money, have a blast getting through a good chunk of the game, and then save your progress when it was time to take the game back. Then once you got a chance to rent the game again you realized some other kid saved over your file. I'm guessing most kids these days will never experience this now that most games get saved on memory cards or hard drives instead of on the game cartridge itself.

I remember renting Earthbound for the Super Nintendo at least 3 different times only to have my save file lost. Usually it stinks having to go through the same parts of a game over and over but I really enjoyed Earthbound's quirky style and fun story.
This fella is Mr. Saturn, not sure how they fit into the story though. Pretty sure I never made it that far but I could be wrong. I do know them from the Super Smash Bros. series though. My friends lovingly referred to them as dick slaps, probably due to their similar appearance to our friend Dick.



I can't say enough good things about Bill Watterson's work on Calvin & Hobbes. His work has only grown on me more as I've gotten older. He's a fantastic draftsman and wonderful storyteller. I kind of view him as the J.D. Salinger of comics. He had a relatively short but immensely successful career only to become a bit of a recluse. Calvin & Hobbes only ran for 10 years

This is the martian from when Calvin & Hobbes flew into space after becoming disenchanted with the Earth.

Oh, I hate the Calvin peeing on things stickers. I hope anybody who has one of those on their truck gets struck down by an awesome T-Rex.