Jawas are some of my favorite aliens in Star Wars, I think it's the Utinni and their short stature that win me over. Jawa are technology scavengers with a penchant for bamboozling their customers.

I wonder how many of these little guys I could take down. They wouldn't have blasters or anything just their piercing glowing eyes. I figure I could take out at least 6 before they brought me down.

Since my name is Luke people always make jokes and references to Star Wars. Strangers upon finding out what my name is feel a strange urge to say "Luke, I am your father" even though that's not even the right quote. Curse you Lucas!!!


The Shining

I've only seen one of the Riddick movies, the Chronicles of Riddick. Supposedly Pitch Black is pretty good but not sure if I'll ever get around to seeing it. The old xbox game was pretty fun though. Riddick is a pretty standard Vin Diesel character. Tough, beefy guy, who likes to punch stuff. When I first heard about Vin Diesel he actually sounded like an interesting guy. He popped up in Saving Private Ryan and I heard and interview with him where he sounded like a normal guy who was hoping to make good movies. Needless to say it turned out he's kind of a meathead.


Totally Radd

There is a being in the Marvel Comics universe named Galactus. He is one of the most powerful figures in the universe. One day Galactus came to the planet Zenn-La to consume it for energy. An astronomer name Norrin Radd convinced Galactus to spare his planet and in return he would become his herald. He would search for planets that would feed Galactus and provide notice to any sentient life of the coming destruction.

Galactus bestowed the power cosmic (which would be an awesome band name) upon Norrin and he became the Silver Surfer.

Well, enough of my rabble. If you want to watch Richard Gere talking about the Silver Surfer check out this clip.


Bandit Mask

Rocket Raccoon is a Marvel Comics character that comes from the planet Halfworld. I don't really know too much more about him so how about a little behind the scenes for this piece?



So Marvel vs Capcom 3 came out today and I was planning on drawing Shuma Gorath. After doing some sketching and research I found out that Shuma Gorath isn't an alinen but instead some sort of demon. Luckily DC comics also has a eyeball tentacle monster, and it's name is Starro the Conqueror.

So since I've already done some research on one creature I didn't really feel like digging to deep into ol' Starro here. I think he has some sort of mind control and can create little duplicates?

Anyhoo, if you ever feel like fighting me in MvC3 my xbox gamertag is Steakys.


Gimmie a Hug

Happy Valentines Day!

This is a lonely little facehugger from the Alien movies. Nobody ever choo-choo-chooses him to be their Valentine.



I'm a big big fan of early PBS kids shows. Mister Rogers and Sesame Street were amazing shows for their time and I'd like to think they did some good in my formative years. I'm kinda saddened how ELMO! Sesame Street has become, too hyper and ADD,  not enough stop motion and the letter G.