I was originally going to draw Marvel comics Medusa today. Then I realized that Medusa is an inhuman not an alien. So instead of scrap the start of my drawing I decided to rework the piece into another comic book heroine with a penchant for purple and a shock of red hair.

Starfire is from DC comics and luckily for me is an alien from the planet Tamaran. I think her super powers involve flight, energy blasts, and flirting with Dick Grayson. I couldn't bring myself to draw Starfire in her classic costume, far too cheezy.


Four Lights

At first I was going to talk about the Cardassians from Star Trek. Maybe make a couple references to some of my favorite episodes with them.

But then I realized I could post the Picard Song video instead. Sure a Cardassian only makes a brief appearance but frankly more people need to hear this song.



I loved that X-Files when I was a kid. The goofy monsters of the week episodes got me into the show but the loose overarching narrative got me hooked. I think as the show went on the big story got a little sloppy but the show does have a couple great episodes/seasons.

I don't really remember much about this guy except he was awesome. He was some sort of alien Terminator,  big, unrelenting , and almost invincible. This guy has actually been in a lot of stuff but I always remember him as his X-Files role.


Evil Weevil

The last few aliens have been pretty cutesy and lighthearted so I decided to work on a big jerk today. Originally I was gonna do another Doctor Who alien, hopefully doing a better job this time too. After some poking around I instead decided to do an alien from the Dr. Who spin-off show Torchwood.

Torchwood is kind of like a British Men In Black. A secret agency who deal with alien threats. The Weevil is one of the first aliens introduced in the series. They live in the sewers and eat poo which tends to make them fairly ornery.


Wrencher & Clunk

It seemed like animals with 'tude used to be all the rage for a couple of years. From the peak of Sonic the Hedgehog to the horrible lows of Poochie. The Ratchet and Clank series came out quite a while afterward and made a couple tweaks to the idea.



The idea behind the Wario Ware games is really interesting. In a time when so many games are pushing the limits of what they can do with a huge cinematic narratives Wario Ware goes in the complete opposite direction. The game is actually a collection of a huge amount of micro games. Simple games that last just a few seconds. Part of the challenge is figuring out just what to do before the player is whisked off to the next little game.

Each collection of micro games has a host of sort, and Orbulon here is one of them. Wario Ware doesn't really focus on story so not sure what his deal is. My guess is he's a kooky alien who likes fun?


Alien Harem

One of the more popular genre of anime/manga is the idea of a harem. Often there is one male or female surrounded by a gaggle of members of the opposite sex who for some goofy reason end up living together. This often results in some weird love octagon, the most romantic shape in all of geometry. Imagine if the the cast of F·R·I·E·N·D·S· were all ladies except for Ross, then for some reason everybody was in love with Schwimmer. You get a rough idea of how these shows would play out.

One of the more popular harem series is Tenchi Muyo, which is made up of several different series, oavs, and movies. The protagonist Tenchi Masaki is a descendant of a space royalty which lets him wield a Japanese light saber. He ends up being the epicenter of several different ladies affection.
Featured here is Ryoko (which translates to bringer of demons) who fills the role of the aggressive troublemaker in the series.