Alien Harem

One of the more popular genre of anime/manga is the idea of a harem. Often there is one male or female surrounded by a gaggle of members of the opposite sex who for some goofy reason end up living together. This often results in some weird love octagon, the most romantic shape in all of geometry. Imagine if the the cast of F·R·I·E·N·D·S· were all ladies except for Ross, then for some reason everybody was in love with Schwimmer. You get a rough idea of how these shows would play out.

One of the more popular harem series is Tenchi Muyo, which is made up of several different series, oavs, and movies. The protagonist Tenchi Masaki is a descendant of a space royalty which lets him wield a Japanese light saber. He ends up being the epicenter of several different ladies affection.
Featured here is Ryoko (which translates to bringer of demons) who fills the role of the aggressive troublemaker in the series.

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