Aliens Don't Exist

So it's been awhile since I've gotten around to doing my Alien Drawings. I originally took a break because I was moving into a new apartment. I think I'm finally getting settled in the new place (actually have a office now to work on art and other projects) but I think I'm gonna call off the Daily Alien drawings.

Even though I have only been doing them for a few months I'm already feeling the drag of the project much sooner than I did when I did the 365 Cyborg series a year ago. I'm really happy with how a lot of the Alien pieces have turned out but I think if I forced myself to continue I'd end up posting a lot more lazy pieces with greater frequency, and that's not doing anybody good.

Hopefully this means there will be a lot more pieces of quality and not just quantity. I want to be able to work on projects not involving strictly aliens and not things that take just the span of a day. Also just being able to have a little more free time is nice, it seems like years since I've sat down and had some serious videogame time.

I'm still posting various other art projects over at my deviantart page if for some reason you can't kick that Denby art addiction.

Thanks for bothering to stick around this long.
See ya!