Does he stay Crunchy?

It seems like most cereal aimed at kids is basically sugar flavored corn puffs of some sort. Not that this is the worst thing in the world, I still frequently eat kids cereal for my breakfast despite being in my late twenties. The main thing that differentiates these cereals tends to be the cartoon character on the cover.


The Lonely Captain

Pikmin was kind of a weird game when it came out for the Gamecube. It was a kind of a real time strategy game mixed with a bit of adventure. For the non-geek out there, that means you created stuff to fight bad guys and explore the world. The interesting thing about Pikmin was instead of building tanks or flamethrower units you befriended local creatures (the titular Pikmin) and taught them the horrors of war.

You played as Captain Olimar, whose spaceship crash landed on the earth like planet. Due to oxygen being poisonous to Olimar he had to plan his escape from the planet in 30 days. Depending on how many goals you accomplished through the course of the game you would get a couple different endings. Either Olimar would die (but be resurrected as a Pikmin yourself) or fly back to his planet while the Pikmin try to figure out how to satiate their bloodlust.


And the Space Oscar goes to...

Marvel comic's space gods are always kinda weird and interesting to me. Manifestations of space and time that just float around being omnipotent, occasionally revealing themselves to some Superhero if some weird cosmic imbalance shows up.

This is the Living Tribunal, the only force more powerful than him is The One Above All (i.e. God) So that's a fancy way to say that he could beat up the Hulk (even if the Hulk was really angry) and Ben Grimm combined. He has four rotating sides to his head that represent Equity, Vengeance, Necessity, and Nothing.

And my picks for the best picture Oscar this year....The King's Speech.
Even though I've yet to see it, the trailer looks quite good.



Saturn Girl is a telepath from Titan, Saturn's largest moon. Beyond that I don't really know, make mine Marvel and all...

And since I don't know to much about her enjoy a picture of her in her original costume with her boyfriend Lightning Lad.


Wookie Balls

Star Trek has a rich supply of aliens. Many though are just an actor with a little latex or a stupid haircut. Not theses guys though...

Tribbles are little asexual balls of fur that breed like crazy. In fact they are born pregnant. Whenever they show up in the show they end up multiplying out of control consuming resources at a dangerous rate. Otherwise they are completely harmless and kind of cute, even Spock thought they had a calming purr.

And if you are insane you can buy an actual tribble that was used in the series.


You smell Bacon?

I remember playing Duke Nukem quite a bit when I was a kid. I don't think I ever got very far as it got pretty tough for me, the whole mouse and keyboard controlling was really tough compared to using a SNES controller. I do know that I would always play until I could get to the strippers, what 14 year old boy didn't though.

The pig cops are one of the main baddies in the series, I hated the flying ones. You can't tell in this picture but I always thought it was funny that on the body armor it says L.A.R.D.


It eats you Alive

Alien invasion movies made these days are often about explosions and giant hovering ships. Back in the day a weird creature would wind up on Earth accidentally and start causing mild trouble much to the chagrin of the local teens and disbelieving law enforcement.

The Blob is an alien organism that crashes to earth in a meteorite. It's kind of like an amoeba, just creeping along devouring everything in it's path. I think I like the 80's remake the most, it was just a little cheesier and packed with great Blob kills. Never saw Son of Blob though, it looks like it would be pretty bad/good.