Does he stay Crunchy?

It seems like most cereal aimed at kids is basically sugar flavored corn puffs of some sort. Not that this is the worst thing in the world, I still frequently eat kids cereal for my breakfast despite being in my late twenties. The main thing that differentiates these cereals tends to be the cartoon character on the cover.

Quisp cereal had an Alien who promoted the "quazy energy" that was bestowed upon all who consumed it's cereal. Quisp was made by Quaker Oats along with a similar cereal called Quake. The majority of the add campaign for the two cereals was pitting Quisp the alien against the australian miner character from Quake cereal.

Eventually Quaker Oats had a vote of America's children to see who was the best. Quisp won but eventually was discontinued as well. Recently though it became the first "internet cereal" meaning Quaker Oats brought it back but only available via interwebs.

personally I'm a fan of photos on my box

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