John Trevolting

Lafayette Ron Hubbard is the creator of plenty of silly things but Battlefield Earth may be one of the worst. In the movie a race of aliens called the Cyclos that have taken over Earth.  But then they are overthrown by a plucky group of human slaves led by Johnnie Goodboy Tyler, a human made kinda smart by the Cyclos.


Squatty Body

So I'm enjoying my Friday quite a bit. Work was kinda same ol' same ol' but everything else was fun. So you'll have to excuse the rush job on this fella.

The Sontaran are aliens from the Doctor Who universe. I have no idea what their story is, I'm guessing they are some sort of space mercenary. Enjoy this silly guy while I go enjoy the rest of my night.


The Main Man

Lobo is basically Superman if Superman chugged Red Kryptonite 40oz. beers. For people not as geeky as me red kryptonite turns Superman into a boozy womanizing oaf. Lobo flies around on space motorcycle punching things in the ear.

L as in lacerate, O as in obliterate, B as in disemBowel, and O as in...Obliterate. If Lobo existed in real life I think he would sound like Randy Savage.



Hepzibah is a member of the StarJammers (Space pirates in the Marvel Comics universe) She is supposed to be a skunk human which sounds pretty stupid to me, I guess she used to look more skunky but people realized that was a pretty silly thing to do.


To Infinity

Just like everybody else in the world, I really like Pixar's movies. I've yet to see Toy Story 3 though but I guess that's a fairly attainable goal. 

This is Booster Sinclair Munchapper from the Buzz Lightyear cartoon show. I've never seen the show so I'm guessing he's kind of a goofy gentle giant type guy.
Went with a slightly simpler style on this.


Nom Nom Nom

Futurama is a great show. I'm not sure if it's surpassed good Simpson's for me but it's yet to get unfunny, so I would much rather watch a Futurama episode any day of the week. More importantly though it has a great supply of aliens to draw.

Nibbler is Leela's pet alien. She herself is not an alien though but a mutant. He likes to eat stuff and poop out dark matter.


Power Up

Nintendo's Metroid series is one of the most beloved in all of gaming. It's usually had nothing but praise until recent years. The last full game I've played through though was probably the first Metroid Prime. I wish a collection of the Gameboy games would come out because that run seems much more interesting to me.

This is one of those Chozo statues that always hold a nice little power up for our favorite space bounty hunter Samus Aran. Even though it kind of looks like a dragonball I assure you it's most likely something like the screw attack or space jump. Dang... I should have made it Samus in ball form, oh well.