Just like in my 365 Cyborg project, finding decent women to draw was a bit of a pain. While there are plenty of Alien ladies out there they definitely lean toward the hyper-sexualized style. And the ones that aren't seem to mainly show up in only a few series. Don't worry, respectable intergalactic women will show up throughout the year but until then here's Powergirl.

Powergirl is basically Superwoman but instead of flying around in normal kryptonian garb she wears this  getup. She's from krypton but got to earth slower than Kal-El. Whatevers...


Got 99 Problems

I have mixed feelings about the Ferengi from Star Trek.  I'm always annoyed by the little jerks but whenever they have an episode devoted to them it tends to be pretty amusing. They seem to dumb and/or blinded by greed to ever be much of a threat so usually it just ends in wacky shenanigans.

Quark and his brother Rom ran a Space bar on Deep Space 9. He also had a nephew named Nog who I wanted to Punch in the side of the head whenever I saw him, just a second... just watched a couple clips on youtube, yep, I want to punch him in the head.



Spaceballs amused me to no end as a kid. It was a really cheesey movie but I still enjoy dumb humor and puns quite a bit.

This is Barf, he's a Mog, half man half dog. He's the Chewbacca to Bill Pullman's Lonestar (Han Solo type guy) This was kind of a quick one, not too wild about how it turned out. Got a decent likeness but it's annoying that dumb 'ol Gladiator yesterday got more time spent being worked on than a character I actually enjoy.

Oh well, on to the next alien


Space Mohawk

I used to really like the X-men, but it always pissed me off when they got wrapped up in outerspace mishaps (except for stuff on Asteroid M (which was cool)) It seemed like they had plenty to do on earth, but then Professor X would end up falling in love with some space empress or Scotts dad turned out to be some guy who jammed in the stars.

This is Gladiator (probably a bit of a douche) I think he was the bodyguard of the Shi'ar Empress Lilandra. Forgive me if any of this is wrong but I always hated the look of the guy and all the stupid X-space adventures that entailed whenever guys like him were around. If any of this information is correct it's only because I paid more attention the history of the Marvel universe than my school work as a kid.


Little Red Button

The 5th Element is one of my favorite Sci-Fi movies. I was even young enough when it came out to enjoy Chris Tucker's character.
The style of the movie is fantastic, and it has a fun story, and a Multi Pass.

This is one of the Mangalore mercenaries who are always good for some loud stupid violence. You know what, I don't think any of these guys ever smoked a cigar in the movie. Oh well...


God of War

One of the hardest things about doing a drawing a day (and then posting on the internet) is doing it in a timely fashion. I live in the NorthWest and so I'm sure there are plenty of times when it may seem like I have not posted a drawing on a certain day. Just know I'm awake out there pouring my blood, sweat, and geekyness into some Alien drawing. 

I used to love watching Looney Toons as a kid, and whenever Marvin the Martian showed up it was a good Saturday Morning. I remember trying to draw him quite a bit, usually to very little success. I haven't drawn him in years either, so hopefully this turned out alright.

That's all folks, well 'till tomorrow at least.


Illegal Alien

I may have done Yoda to start this blog with but if I'm going to be doing 365 of these not everyone is going to be an A list Alien. Sure you'll get your precious Predator and Lieutenant Worf sooner or later but along the way there will be plenty of Mac, Wiploc, and Zeebos in the meantime.

So here is Beldar Conehead, from the SNL skit, cartoon, movie, and pog series.