Anyone else remember growing up in a time when you could rent a videogame with your allowance money, have a blast getting through a good chunk of the game, and then save your progress when it was time to take the game back. Then once you got a chance to rent the game again you realized some other kid saved over your file. I'm guessing most kids these days will never experience this now that most games get saved on memory cards or hard drives instead of on the game cartridge itself.

I remember renting Earthbound for the Super Nintendo at least 3 different times only to have my save file lost. Usually it stinks having to go through the same parts of a game over and over but I really enjoyed Earthbound's quirky style and fun story.
This fella is Mr. Saturn, not sure how they fit into the story though. Pretty sure I never made it that far but I could be wrong. I do know them from the Super Smash Bros. series though. My friends lovingly referred to them as dick slaps, probably due to their similar appearance to our friend Dick.

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